Denver Airport Art

The Denver Airport Art consists of many different pieces from various artists. The art is spread throughout the airport, with each terminal having its own collection. There are a total of 34 different pieces in the airport, ranging from sculptures to paintings to murals.

The art was commissioned by the city of Denver and the airport authority in an effort to make the airport more welcoming and enjoyable for passengers.

Denver is home to one of the busiest airports in the United States, and it’s also home to some incredible art. The Denver Airport is filled with all kinds of artwork, from sculptures to paintings to murals. There’s even an entire section of the airport dedicated to art, called the Art & Culture Program.

The Art & Culture Program was created in 1994, and since then, over 300 different pieces of art have been installed in the airport. The program is overseen by a committee that includes representatives from the airport, local government, and the arts community. They work together to select artists and artwork that will reflect Denver’s diverse culture and history.

One of the most iconic pieces of artwork at the Denver Airport is “The Blue Mustang.” This massive blue sculpture stands outside of one of the terminals and has become a symbol of the city. It was created by artist Luis Jimenez, and it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re ever in Denver!

Denver Airport Art


What Does the Artwork in Denver Airport Mean?

The art in Denver Airport is meant to represent the state of Colorado and its history. The airport has a collection of over 7,000 pieces of art, which are spread throughout the terminal. Many of the pieces were created by Colorado artists, and they depict various aspects of the state’s culture and landscape.

The artwork is meant to welcome visitors to Colorado and give them a taste of what the state has to offer.

Where to Find Art in Denver Airport?

When you’re in an airport, it can be easy to forget that you’re in a place with its own history and culture. But Denver International Airport is home to some pretty amazing art. If you’re looking for something to do between flights or just want to check out some local color, here are four places to find art in Denver Airport.

1. The main terminal building is home to a number of public art installations, including “Mustang” by Elisabeth Condon. This massive sculpture of a blue mustang rearing up on its hind legs greets visitors as they enter the terminal. 2. Also in the main terminal is “The Great Divide Waterfall,” which features two 30-foot waterfalls cascading down the sides of a glass wall.

The artwork was created by Colorado artist Douglas Hollis and is meant to represent the state’s Rocky Mountain watershed. 3. If you’re looking for something a little more interactive, head over to Concourse B where you can play music on “Airport Piano.” This public installation lets anyone sit down and tickle the ivories – no experience necessary!

4. And finally, don’t miss the 28 murals that make up the “Children Welcome” exhibition throughout concourses A, B and C. These colorful paintings were created by children from around the world and depict scenes of daily life, natural landscapes and imaginary worlds.

Why is That Mural in the Denver Airport?

The mural at the Denver Airport is called “Blucifer” and was created by artist Luis Jiménez. It is a 9-foot tall sculpture of a blue horse with red eyes that stands in front of one of the airport’s concourses. The horse is based on a mythological creature known as a “kelpie,” which is said to haunt Scottish rivers and lure people to their deaths.

Blucifer represents the city of Denver’s Western heritage, and its red eyes are meant to symbolize the dangers of wildfires that often occur in Colorado.

What Sculpture is at the Denver Airport?

The sculpture at the Denver Airport is called “Blucifer” and was created by artist Luis Jiménez. The sculpture is a blue horse with red eyes that stands 32 feet tall and weighs 9,000 pounds. The sculpture has been controversial since it was installed in 2008, with some people finding it creepy and others finding it impressive.

The Art inside Denver International Airport


The Denver Airport is home to some pretty incredible artwork. From giant murals to sculptures and installations, there’s a lot to see. And, luckily for us, the airport has put together a handy guide to all of the art on display.

So, whether you’re killing time before your flight or just looking for something to do during a layover, be sure to check out the Denver Airport Art Tour.

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